Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Service Call

Friday we received a call from the local Power Company about a problem that they were having with one of their PLC systems at one of their two Nuclear Power plants in Virginia. A service call was scheduled for Saturday. After the lengthy security process, the field service engineer examined the system and found an intermittent remote I/O driver module. This part was exchanged and the system was up and running. Later that same day, the plant personnel replaced the same part with one that they had gotten from a sister plant. The system went down. They swapped the part back, but it was down hard. Another emergency call was made and our field engineer went back the plant. He arrived there at 11:30 PM. It was quickly determined that the problem was now in the fiber optic modem on the I/O communications that had failed. The plant had no spares. The Delta engineer made a call and another field engineer was dispatched with a new set of a different manufacturers fiber optic modems. These modems were delivered on-site. It was then discovered that the older fiber cable installed at the plant had SMA connectors, naturally the newer modems utilize St type connections. Luckily the Delta Automation service van is stocked with all sorts of these types of items. Inside there were enough adapters to properly connect the modems to the system. The system was up and running properly immediately. At 3 AM, all was well at the plant.
This is the type of service that our clients have come to expect from Delta Automation, Inc.


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